Price reduction of anti-cancer drugs

Price reduction of anti-cancer drugs

Have you ever noticed that how much it is painful for a person suffering from cancer when the expense of the treatment goes beyond his affordability? The most common opinion or suggestion about this dilemma is ‘The prices of anticancer drugs should be reduced,’ however how to do that, is the prime question. Under the light of expert opinions, this article is about highlighting the major ideas of how the prices of anticancer drugs can be reduced. Interesting, isn’t it? So, let’s scroll down to know how the prices of anti-cancer drugs are reduced.

  1. Subsidizing the Anti-Cancer Drugs: Without the shred of a doubt, governments can play a crucial role in reducing the prices of anticancer drugs by subsidizing them. Subsidizing the anti-cancer drugs will not only help patients to carry on with their treatments, but it will ensure better treatments with limited prices.
  2. Spending more on research: Obtaining more and more anti-cancer drug options through promoting research in medical sciences will result in creating ease for cancer patients. The extensive research on anti-cancer drugs will help in reducing the prices by two means
    1. More and more options of anticancer drugs will reduce the monopoly of drugs suppliers.
    2. Institutions and health care sectors will be able to switch on the drugs with the least cost, hence resulting in reducing the overall prices for patients.
  3. Implementation of ‘Oral Parity Laws’ can help reduction on overall anti-cancer drugs, as it helps in reducing tariffs of such drugs.

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