Gym fitness schedule step by step

Gym schedule

Fitness is a gradual process . Under normal circumstances , the first time people participate in fitness training will feel excited , especially when the effect of exercise come . It inspires passion and action of your training much. However, there are some people could not wait to put him into the gym intensive training, while ignoring the warm-up before exercise ; even overtraining often put himself exhausted , thus affecting the normal life and work. Advice: Fitness is a long-term project , do not dream of  becoming the idol in your heart one day .

2 . Before and after the training , two dining is necessary.

After waking up in the morning and training are two important periods your meal . While hard training , you need to increase nutrition, if you do not eat breakfast glutly , you will feel hungry later in the training. Breakfast should contain more carbohydrates and some protein . In addition , low-fat yogurt , milk and cereals are also good choices. After training, you should immediately eat , because when your body is in urgent need of supplying energy that has been consumed . Eating should contain carbohydrates, proteins , and water.

3 training should be diversified

It can make a balanced development of your bodily functions . Although aerobic exercise is good for enhancing endurance and cardiovascular system, not so good for the growth of strength and building up a strong body. Flexibility training does not only belong to women. Only the combination of a variety of training , can comprehensively improve the quality of the body.

4 warm-up , stretching is a prerequisite

Do stretching before training exercise,warming up before stretching. First, do 10 minutes of low intensity aerobic exercise, you can brisk walking , pedaling and so on. This can increase the body temperature for movement preparation , but also reduce the chance of injury when doing bigger intensity exercise . When the body tissue warming , you can do 5 to 10 minutes of stretching, especially those target muscle groups and body parts are going to use .

5 . Recovery ( rest ) is also equally important for training.

During training , the necessary recovery time can not be ignored . Because the body needs adequate rest to regain one’s fitness. As a beginner of training , do not do the high intensity training more than 4 times within a week. In the same training day , Do not repeatedly intense training  for same muscle tissue . If there is pain in the previous training, do not bite the bullet in the after training. You need at least 8 hours of sleep a day, enough sleep is good for your energy and body restored .

6 Do not repeatedly doing the same exercises .

Relationship with the body and the training is stimulate,adjust and adapt . If  repeat the action for long term , the body will be gradually adaptable, so that training will come to stagnation period . You should changing action or form constantly, in order to achieve the best sports results.

The differentiation of training method part 1,


1: Bench Press

2: Push recumbency

3: barbell curl

4: seated dumbbell curls

5: three birds

6: Lateral Raise

8: leg raise

9: fitness ball leg raise



1, the rest time focus in heart rate control

2, the weight is based on your feel,

3, After resistance training, immediately replenish simple carbohydrates (banana, honey, etc.)

4, After each target muscle training, stretching 15 seconds required

5,With injection of riptropin for muscle growth.

6, After strength training, increase the complement of proteins


The differentiation of training method part 2,


1: chin-up

2: Sitting pull back

3: Steel wire pull-down

5: kneeling arm flexion-extension

6: Instruments leg squats

7: seated leg flexion-extension

8: supine leg raise

9: mat sit-ups

10: waist crunches

Usual diet, control oil, salt intake

The plan is two loops, Intermediate aerobics twice, then take a day off, Suggested timing measurements for your own body’s circumference, and don’t forget to record.

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